LED Player

LED Player from Chromateq offers a host of posibilites alongside a simple and intuative user interface.

Creating or selecting fixtureas and patching them is as simple as drag and drop.

The built in effects generator makes creating light shows for intelligent fixtures, Matricies and simple lights easier than ever before.

Built in BPM allows users to create light shows and run them using the sound to light function built into chromateq.


With its built in timelines, advanced triggering capabilities and user friendly design, Pro DMX is one of the most comprehensive and easy to use software packages for the professional user.

Pro DMX includes all the features of LED player but with more features for professional work, the ability to edit the effect generators after they have been compiled, advanced user interface for a better work flow on architectural projects. 



The latest in the software package is Pixxem, specially designed to output up to 255 universes of Art-Net to control pixel matric screens.

Built into the software is now the ability to 3D map your led pixels in matrix or as normal.