USB to DMX Device | LP32

The LP32 controller is our testing product and is for all users who are looking to learn the DMX software.
The package works with the Player under limited mode and have some trigger options. USB V power supply unit are included in the package.


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DMX Output: 32 Out channels PC and 32 Out Stand Alone.
Zone: 1 Zone, play 1 scene/sequence a time in Stand Alone.
Memory: Internal memory (200 Kb, 2000 to 200 DMX step capacity).
DMX Modes: DMX Out only

Stand Alone Options: 16 bits and fine channel management.
Crossfade time between scenes.
Default start scene when power up.

Triggers: Time Clock if enabled

Power: 5 V. DC USB Power (Power supply unit included).
Dimension: 5cm x 3 cm by 3 cm
Housing: Strong Aluminum.
I/O Connectors: Mini USB 2.0, 3 pin XLR (XLR5 optional).
Operating Temperature: -40 to +85 C°.
IP Rating: IP40.
Certifications: CE, LVD, RoHS.
International Warranty: 3 years.