Ethernet & USB to DMX Device | CQSA-E

The CQSA-E includes an Ethernet port in addition
to the USB port. This gives long-distance access and
communication with the device anywhere on a Local
Area Network (LAN & WLAN).
Connected to an access point or a Wifi router you
have easy control with a mobile or tablet using the
Wi-Light 2 APP.
All our popular Stand-Alone options are present in
this hardware to suit all lighting projects.


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DMX Output: 2×512 or 1024 In/Out channels PC and Stand Alone.
Ethernet: ETHERNET port for Local Network connection (LAN, WLAN) with up to 128 devices connected.
APP Control: Wi-Light 2 APP from a mobile device (Android + iOS).
Multiple Zone: 5 Zones, play up to 5 different scenes a time Stand Alone.
Memory: Micro SD Card (all FAT format, up to 256 Gb) + Internal memory (No SD card required).
DMX Modes: DMX In/Out, Splitter DMX, merging DMX, DMX record, DMX trigger.

Stand Alone Options: 6 selectable modes: Buttons (8), Pages (10), Zones (5), Colour (99 RGB + 8 RGBW),
Scene Speed, General dimmer.
Time Clock setting adjustable in Stand Alone.
16 bits and fine channel management
Automatic Scene Recovery if the power is cut off
Cross Fade time between scenes
Turn Off display after 4s., Default start scene, Dimmer and RGB colour selection
Master/Slave mode with Up to 64 devices combined and synchronized.

Triggers: 8 Buttons with Blue status LED, 10 pages,
Wi-Light 2 APP (Android + iOS)
Real-Time Clock and calendar for each scene (Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year)
Infrared Remote, Light intensity (Optional, with deported PCB)
7 Dry Contacts on 3~5V (On, On/Off, Release, Restart, Scene Priority, 255 contacts max)
Can command the device from the Dry Contacts
RS232 (can receive standard commands from any RS232 devices)
DMX input (DMX signal from another DMX device).

Max DMX outputs (USB): x12 USB interfaces connected = 24 DMX out max.
Power: 5V DC (USB), 5 to 24V. – 0.2A (DC connector), 0.3W, High Voltage Protection.
Dimension: H : 38mm(1.49in) / W : 166mm(6.54in) / D : 97mm (3.82in).
Housing: Black housing with 4 mounting holes, ABS Plastic.
I/O Connectors: Mini USB 2.0, 3 pin XLR (XLR5 optional), RJ45 (Triggers, I/O).
Operating Temperature: -40 to +85 C°.
IP Rating: IP40.
Certifications: CE, LVD, RoHS.
International Warranty: 3 years.