DIN Rail USB to DMX Stand Alone interface | DIN 1024

DIN 1024 is the ideal DMX stand alone interface for installation in electrical DIN cabinets with DIN rails.
Featuring a robust Stand Alone mode and a wide range of trigger possibilities, this competent device is a smart solution for easy and
quick architectural installations and integration projects.


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DMX Output: 2×512 In/Out channels PC and Stand Alone.
Zone: 1 Zone, play 1 scene/sequence at time in Stand Alone.
Memory: Internal memory (No SD card required).
DMX Modes: DMX In/Out, DMX Splitter, DMX Merge, DMX Record, DMX Trigger.
RS232: Can receive triggers from RS232 devices (16 characters max).

Stand Alone Options: Commands from the Contacts (speed, scene, dimmer, zone)
16-bit and fine channel management
Cross Fade time between scenes
Automatic Scene Recovery if the power is cut off
Master/Slave mode with up to 32 devices combined and synchronized (64 universes).

Triggers: Real Time Clock and calendar for each scene (Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year)
15 Dry Contacts on 3~5V (On, On/Off, Release, Restart, Scene Priority)
RS232 (Can receive 16 characters max from RS232 devices)
Infrared Remote, Light intensity (with optional deported PCB and remote).

Max DMX outputs (USB): x12 USB interfaces connected = 24 DMX max.
Power: DC Power input of 5V to 24V.
Dimension: H: 107 mm, W: 96 mm, D: 59 mm (pcb: 102/86/19).
Housing: Standard DIN-RAIL form factor (universal DIN cabinet compatibility).
I/O Connectors: Mini USB 2.0, Screw terminal block 3×9 + 6 pins.
Operating Temperature: -40 to +85 C°.
IP Rating: IP40.
Certifications: CE, LVD, RoHS.
International Warranty: 5 years.