64 Universe Art-Net Dongle

64 Universe art Dongle


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This controller is ideal for more demanding projects when a high number of DMX channels are needed and when all the fixtures use the ARTNET protocol and has an IP-Ethernet cable wiring.
64 Art Net universes unlocked when the interface is connected to your computer. ArtNet use the Ethernet Network card of your computer to output the Art Net signal. Connect the RJ45 of your computer to a local network.
Same features as CLUB 1024
Pro DMX (advanced mode ***) + LED Player
Studio DMX 3D viewer compatible (Premium)
MTC (Midi Time Code)
PC Clock triggers
24h Timeline loop of Audio and Video Timeline with Pro DMX
64 Art Net Universes (up to 65536 DMX channels)

*** : Pro DMX Advanced mode. This mode allows the computer Time trigger, computer calendar schedules, SMTPE, MIDI Time code. Options are activated when the interface is connected to the computer.